How to Increase your website traffic by 60% Or double.

How long have you straggled to increase your traffic with just 10%.

Yes you are not alone. It seems 98.9% of bloggers strugles when it come to this topic.
I was also in the same situation .Geting 2 views sometimes none.

When it comes to webtraffic it is not about content. It is not about how frequent you post .
You know i ran a heath website. It was well designed. I posted frequently like 5 posts per week.

The problem was no one dare visit the website. The content was superb.The website was super fast.

I bet you seo was well done with low competition keywords.I know you are also having the same challenge.

You post conerstone content .You even hired a freelance seo , But your traffic is flat.
I investigated what was happening and what i found ! , i was suprised.

Iwas not seo problem or any on page errors .It was content marketing.

What is Content Marketing.

Content marketing is a way of prommoting your posts or your content through a lot of social media like Facebook .

Content market triples your traffic if done well. SEO only can not get you enough traffic to your website.

If you are getting 20 page views per day , then it is simply impossible to convert them into customers.

You need to have a strategy with your content marketing.Here are tips which helped me solve this problem.

They have worked and we have used them on our customers and it is proven to be effective.

shares for bonus content

This is an effective way to crack the social media. Place some downloadable content on your site .

Make it very clear to your visitors that only those who share your conted will gain access to the downloadable content.

The best tool to help you with this is pay with a tweet // Once someone shares your content in their circles .You will start getting traffic from those shares.

Exchange Ads with other websites.

Create very atractive ads.Sent an email to a website requesting for ads swarp.This method increases your traffic by 10% depenting on your ads design.

Do not exchange ads with websites with low or no Alexa ranking.Try to exchange with website on number 100000 and below.

Exchance as many ads as you can.This is the tricky part of the hack.Do not seem to be spamy. If you do so no one will click on your banner .

Be clear on the banner what you are offering and what your website is all about.


Quora is a question and answer site with millions of users.You need to create an account on quora.Ask a question like how can i improve my web design and link to your website.

This is the most traffic Hacking method.It will help you climp a lader on your Alexa ranking.

Everyone who want to answer they will first visit your website to check the current design.
Then may be they will come across with what they have been looking for and become a unique visitor.

Do this frequently with different question.If you check your analytics you will find that there wil be returning users.

The other effective way is to hold an interview with a well known person in your nich.Hold a sort of an interview .

This will increase your traffic.

Run a contest or a competition on your site

You need to run a 30 day contest or competition on your site.Give small give aways to reward the winners.

You can award them your branded T – shirts , Caps or cellphone covers.

This will motivate your visitors and they will frequently visit your site to check on the competition.

Ask Your Visitors.

This is the most important part of the Traffic hack.You need to ask your visitors what they want to read.

They will provide you with some topics they want to read about.Give them a chance to help you out .

The last thing we need to know is to post new content 2 or three times per week. Do not post old posts.

Try to post new interesting topics and high quality content.


If you apply these tricks you will see that your traffic will increase by 98% or even double your traffic.

If you have been using social media as your content marketing strategy , then you must be happy with the results.

Are you going to use these strategies in feature? Or maybe you are already using them ?If you have any question you can ask and I will answer you in person.